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Well Wishes and Congratulations
Well Wishes and Congratulations

Cathy Horton and Bonnie Holloman at Anual Convention                                       

Bonnie Holloman has been a warm smiling face and a person who has kept the North Carolina Association of Agricultural Fairs going behind the scenes for more than 20 years.  However, that is all changing.  As of August 31 Holloman is officially announcing her retirement from the Association.  “My family has always supported me in my work and being part of the associations I work with has been like a second family, especially the NCAOAF.  I have thought long and hard and it is time for me to put my family first and spend time with my husband, children, and grandchildren.  They need me now and I need to be there for them.”  President Gary Price accepted Holloman’s retirement notification with understanding and great sadness.  “Bonnie has been an integral part of our Association.  As a current and past President I cannot begin to explain how invaluable she has been to me, other past Presidents and this Association.”  

In her tenure with the organization, Bonnie Holloman has made sure the NCAOAF’s nonprofit status was maintained, overseen the business of the association and coordinated the annual convention.  She communicated with members, coordinated the first website, and most recently worked with NCDA&CS on the legislative grant funds to promote agricultural fairs. “There is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis and Bonnie has handled that for us and we owe her a debt of gratitude for all that she has done,” said President Price.

On news of the retirement, the NCAOAF Executive Committee met and formed a search committee.  That committee met and wrote a job description for an interim Executive Director for the Association.  They are pleased to announce that a familiar face will be serving in the interim role.  On September 1, 2023 Cathy Horton will be stepping in as the NCAOAF Interim Executive Director.  You have seen Horton at the annual convention and she has been assisting Holloman with Association business for years.  President Price said,  “We are excited that Cathy is willing to step up into the Interim role and look forward to the experience she has to offer our Association and its members.”

Thank you Bonnie for all that you have done and Godspeed in your retirement. 

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